Root Canal Therapy
in Sachse, TX

If an infected or abscessed tooth is causing you pain and sleepless nights, root canal therapy can provide the needed relief and restore the affected tooth to its health and function. At Smiley Pearls, we offer gentle root canal treatments with your comfort and wellness in mind. You can always count on our skilled and compassionate team for care that exceeds your expectations.

When Is Root Canal Therapy Required?

Inside every tooth is an area called the pulp that houses blood vessels, connective tissues, and nerves. The tooth pulp can become infected or inflamed due to fracture, a deep cavity, trauma, or multiple dental procedures, leaving your oral and overall health at risk. Root canal therapy is an endodontic procedure involving the removal of the infected pulp, relieving you of pain, saving the tooth, and restoring your healthy smile.

What Is the Alternative to Root Canal Therapy?

If not treated, tooth pulp infection may spread to the surrounding gum and jawbone, leading to serious complications, including severe pain or an abscess, swelling of the face, and bone loss around the affected tooth’s roots. Moreover, the infection may enter the bloodstream, leading to serious health complications, including heart problems or sepsis.

If root canal therapy is required, the only alternative is to have the infected tooth extracted, which should always be the last resort. If we must remove a tooth, we will discuss tooth replacement options such as bridges or dental implants to prevent complications resulting from tooth loss and to keep you smiling your best.

What Are Signs of Root Canal Problems?

Signs you may require a root canal treatment include the following:

  • Persistent tooth pain
  • A chipped or cracked tooth
  • Discomfort when biting or chewing
  • Sensitivity to cold and hot temperatures
  • Tooth discoloration with a grayish hue
  • Gum swelling or sensitivity
  • A bump on the gums, indicating an abscess
  • Signs of infection, including facial swelling
  • A loose-feeling tooth

It is important to note that not all tooth infections produce symptoms, which is why we emphasize the importance of routine dental check-ups. Detecting and treating a problem early on will prevent it from progressing and requiring a root canal treatment down the road.

What Is the Root Canal Procedure?

We will start by numbing the area using a local anesthetic and administering inhaled or oral sedation, if needed, for your comfort. Once you are comfortable and relaxed, we will make a small opening in the crown of the tooth to access and remove the pulp tissues. Next, we will clean and disinfect the root canals and place a rubber-like material, followed by a temporary filling to seal the space.

After a root canal treatment, the tooth will no longer be sore or painful. However, over time, it will become brittle and prone to fracture, which is why it will need a dental crown. Root canal therapy comes with a high success rate. With meticulous oral hygiene care, the treated tooth can last a lifetime!

Root Canal Therapy Near Me in Sachse, TX

At Smiley Pearls, we recognize that many of our patients are apprehensive at the thought of a root canal treatment. Our gentle approach to dentistry and sedation options will help you relax in the dentist’s chair. We invite you to visit our family-friendly practice to experience exclusive, compassionate dental care.

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